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Our Products

Our products are plants grown with care, pruned, fertilized, cultivated, irrigated and dug for the highest quality plant material available. Our soil is a heavy clay and can be used in any landscape condition. The products listed are only a sample of the many varieties of trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. that we carry. Please call us for a complete list and availability.


Shade Trees

Shade trees are typically described as large deciduous trees, tall enough to provide shade to house or patio. Many species are known for their spectacular fall colors.


Intermediate & Ornamental

Ornamental trees encompass a wide variety of smaller trees used primarily for their aesthetic value. Flowers, leaf color and shape, bark texture, screening value, and interesting forms all make this plant group pleasing to the eye.



Shrubs include a very wide range of plant material with an abundant variety of flowers, color and form. Usable in every situation in the landscape, shrubs are an invaluable resource. Types and sizes can vary from miniature to almost small trees, narrowly upright to broad spreading.


Broad Leafed Evergreens

Broad Leafed Evergreens have leaves instead of needles, with the leaves staying persistent all year long. Many of these plants produce beautiful flowers and berries as well as being great for hedges and borders.



Evergreens are a group of plants that retain their foliage the year around providing constant color in the landscape. Ranging from small accent plants, intermediate screening material, to very large specimens, these plants provide lasting visual effects.



Ornamental grasses provide a soft, wispy component to the landscape. Year around appeal in a variety of sizes and colors make grasses an interesting plant choice for any garden.



Ground cover is a category that can encompass deciduous, broadleaf and evergreen varieties that are used for erosion control and accents. Trailing ground cover and vines are also used to add a vertical dimension to the landscape.



Perennials are plants that die off during the winter months but return in the spring year after year. With a tremendous variety of color, texture, size and function, no landscape is complete without perennials to provide seasonal interest.