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About Teerling Nursery

Teerling Nursery, Inc. began as an offshoot of Teerling Landscaping, Inc. John Teerling began the landscaping company in 1971 and through the years found it increasingly difficult to locate quality material. In 1979 a farm in unincorporated Homer township, Illinois was purchased for the purpose of developing a nursery.

John worked closely with the department of agriculture to properly develop the land, using terracing techniques and underground ground tile to diminish erosion in the nursery. Ponds were created to incorporate irrigation and fertilization equipment so the entire 233 acres of nursery stock could be watered using high powered water cannons and assure a quality product.

Since the initial liners were planted in 1980, thirty years ago, Teerling Nursery has grown into one of the most respected nurseries in the Chicagoland area. The department of Agriculture inspectors love our nursery and have stated on numerous occasions that we are one of the healthiest, cleanest nurseries in the state. We pride ourselves not only on the fact that we grow a quality plant but we also give A+ service to our customers, including design and consultation services.

In 1996 when John retired from his position as Captain with American Airlines, the Teerling family also decided to retire from Teerling Landscaping and concentrate solely on the Nursery business. Today the surrounding areas of Homer Glen, New Lenox and Joliet continue to grow and develop which only enhances the agricultural niche that Teerling Nursery, Inc. has carved.

We hope to continue to serve our customers and community for many years to come.

Our Values


We took on a leadership role in the industry by utilizing agricultural innovations such as terracing, which is used for erosion control. We also led the way when we installed an irrigation system capable of irrigating the entire nursery thus preventing plant stress and producing healthier more vigorous plants.


Excellence, not only in our product but in our whole way of doing business.


Doing business with Integrity is the only way we know how to do business...honestly, with care and responsibility, with concern for our customers. Knowing we've done our best to assist our clients throughout the design, decision and purchase process helps us feel good about our workplace. Integrity allows us the pleasure of long and well established relationships with our customers.

Our Leadership

Bio john

John Teerling, President & CEO

John Teerling graduated from Southern Illinois University and immediately enlisted in the U.S. Navy. His flight training began in Pensacola, Florida where he was trained as an aircraft carrier fighter/attack pilot. He deployed to the far east, Viet Nam, and served two tours flying A-1 Skyraiders off the aircraft carrier, Ticonderoga. In 1965 he transitioned into an A-4 Skyhawk flying off the carrier the Coral Sea. After active duty he served several years in the reserves. When he completed active service to his country he went to work for American Airlines and flew for 32 years.

During the years with American, John began landscaping in his spare time. He outgrew using his home as his office and in 1977 bought a 5 acre parcel of land in Hickory Hills, IL. In 1978 the farm in Homer Glen was purchased to develop a nursery and the land was prepared and planted in 1980. In 1993 all landscaping operations were moved to the location in Homer Glen.

When John retired from American Airlines, he decided to also retire from the landscaping business and concentrate fully on the nursery.

Fourteen years have passed with Teerling Nursery being its own entity and it has proudly etched a reputation for excellence; excellence in management, plant quality, integrity and all facets of service.

John is semi retired and spends a good portion of the winter in Florida but returns to Illinois in the spring when the business gears back up for another season.

Bio lang

Lang Beiswanger, Nursery Manager

Lang Beiswanger has been with the Teerling's for over 30 years. He received his B.S. degree in Landscape Architecture from Purdue University in 1975. His employment with Teerling Landscaping began just after his graduation in the position of licensed landscape architect and encompassed design work and sales.

After landscaping for 20 years, Lang became the manager of Teerling Nursery in 1996. He has enjoyed a good working relationship with our customers on many levels, in an advisory capacity, as well as in design assistance and sales.

Lang's years of experience in landscaping, design and nursery growing make him a valuable resource to help our customers with all their green industry needs.

Bio kevin

Kevin Kirk, Production Manager

Kevin Kirk has been with Teerling Nursery for 21 years. He began as a high school summer worker and continued on after graduating.

He has worked his way into the position of Production manager. His duties include complete care and running of the irrigation program both in the field and the large holding yard facility. He also works closely with Lang Beiswanger in the area of sales.